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General Information for Youth Lacrosse

US Lacrosse Membership

Required for all players. Sign up or check your membership status at


   Girls stick

          For 5/6, pocket must be tight enough so a ball placed in pocket is visible over sidewalls, 3/4 can be deeper

             You may cut the stick length down so it is a more appropriate size if desired. May not go shorter than 35.5".

   Mouthguard - cannot be clear and cannot have pictures of teeth on it


   Cleats recommended when we play outside on grass fields

Play it Again Sports in Belden Village is a good resource for new and used equipment.

Practice Attire

5/6 players will receive a pinnie and are expected to wear it to all practices. This, along with the game jersey, must be turned back in at the end of the season.

Please make sure players are dressed for the weather! It's always a little colder out on the field, and then the girls get warm once they start playing so it is recommended to dress in layers.


Game uniforms

Uniform jerseys will be handed out at practice in March!

We will provide a purple jersey to wear to games. Players should wear black skirt or shorts. They are allowed to wear black or white clothes under the uniform in case of cold/rainy weather. Their uniform jersey number on the front and back must be visible.

No jewelry of any kind is allowed during games or practices.

Mouthguard cannot be clear and cannot have pictures of teeth on it.


In accordance with current US Lacrosse youth rules.

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