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The Jackson Ladies' Lacrosse Booster Club is providing you with an opportunity to show your patriotism while supporting our highly successful lacrosse program. 


For your $50 donation, Team Jackson will provide a flag posting service for you.  We will install a 3'x5' American flag on an 8' pole in your front yard (10 feet from the street, centered to your front door) for FIVE flag holidays throughout 2024 -Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, September 11th, and Veterans' Day.  The flag will be raised a few days before the holiday, and removed a few days after the holiday, with the exception of Labor Day, when the flag will remain through September 11th.  Flags will be honorably installed, cared for, removed, and stored throughout the year.   Subscribers will be contacted annually to renew their service.  This is a great way to support successful youth and school sports in our community while collectively displaying your American spirit with your neighbors!

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